Lake Alfred
Just Small Town Things...

You Know You're From a Small Town if...

  1. You’ve given directions based off of a stoplight.

  2. Your entire town shuts down every Friday night for the local football game.

  3. You were friends with kids from other schools until football season began.

  4. Hanging out in some store parking lot was an acceptable form of entertainment at one point in your life.

  5. Your teachers always knew you through your older brother/sister and would often call you their name.

  6. Your high school parties were in one of three places: bonfire in a field, barn, or someone’s garage.

  7. If you got pulled over for speeding, your coach would hear about it and you’d make it up in practice.

  8. Everything closes by 9 p.m.

  9. A new restaurant or store is a big deal.

  10. When a local long-standing store closes, it's treated like a funeral.

  11. You more than likely grew your own fruits and veggies and shot your own meat.

  12. But if you didn’t, you knew the best butcher and produce stand in town to get them from.

  13. It’s not abnormal for you to see horses, pigs, chickens, cows, etc. in someone’s back yard.

  14. There are no streetlights where you live, so it’s somewhat impossible for you to sleep in a place that has them everywhere.

  15. Your teachers taught your parents and will teach your siblings.

  16. A bonfire is your idea of a good time.

  17. If your family was going through some type of crisis, you weren’t surprised to find home cooked meals dropped off at your doorstep by random people.

  18. It's not uncommon for “y’all” to be used in your daily vocabulary.

  19. Friday poker nights were cherished events.

  20. You’ve seen at least 10 different barns in your lifetime.

  21. You’ve even been to a barn party.

  22. You’ve heard a train horn.

  23. Muddin’ is a normal weekend event.

  24. You’ve even seen a train go past you, then back up, and drive forward once more.

  25. You’ve at least watched someone participate in cow tipping if you weren’t the culprit yourself.

  26. You had designated senior skip days in high school.

  27. Your relatives put ‘the’ in front of everything. The McDonalds. The Wal-Mart. The Blockbuster.

  28. And let’s be real for a second, it’s pronounced Mac-Donalds.

  29. The only traffic jam you ever experienced was when a tractor was driving down the road 15 cars ahead of you.

  30. You relate all too well to the show Friday Night Lights.

  31. You give directions based on local landmarks. “Left at the first light, Left after you pass the two churches, right after a mile of orange groves...”

  32. You find a certain peace from a long, dark drive home

  33. Someone in your family grew strawberries, blueberries, peanuts, peaches, oranges, etc.

  34. When people ask where you're from, you just tell them the nearest metropolitan city and how many miles away it is.

  35. You're used to making at least a 20-minute drive to a grocery store or a nice restaurant for dinner.

  36. You still talk to people you went to kindergarten with.

  37. You expect to run into at least a few people you know when you're going out on the town.

  38. You're completely unphased when you encounter a tractor or a horseback rider while driving.

  39. You've been late to something because you got stuck behind a passing train.

  40. You're proud of where you live, and nothing can change that!

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