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Increase Productivity

At some point everyone has heard the phrase, "Work smarter, not harder." Here are a few tips to increase productivity.


1. Declutter and organize your workspace

Having a clean and organized workspace can help you stay more focused and elimanate wasted time spent looking for important files and items. 


2. Prioritize and make a to do list. 

Prioritize the items you need to do each day and week. Then make sure you tale the biggest most important items first. Making a to do list of prioritized items can help you quickly more accomplish you goals without wasting time trying to decide which item to do next each time.


3.  Turn off notifications and social media

Do not look at social media or notifications that xan distract you from the task at hand. (Unless social media is needed to complete your job)


4. Take breaks

It is important to give yourself breaks every hour, even if they are just micro breaks. As little as 30 second to one minute break can increase your productivity and decrease decision fatigue.


5. Keep snacks and water handy.

Remeber to stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause headaches and fatigue. Also, a small snack such a granola bar can boost your energy levels. 



Make sure you save your work so you don't have to do it twice (like I just had to with this article). 

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