Lake Alfred
What is Missing from a Florida Fall?

Is there anything missing from a Florida fall? Some would say no. Others would disagree. Here are a few things some people who move to Florida miss most.


Cool Crisp Air


Florida is notoriously humid and warm even in our fall months so it's no surprise some people have a hard time adjusting.


Changing of the Leaves

What a beautiful sight many of un native floridians have never experienced.


Apple Picking


We may go pea pickin', blueberry and strawberry pickin', but the only apples you'll ever find us pickin is at the grocery store. 


Even though florida may not have cool weather, changing leave and apple trees we still have pumpkin spice lattes, friends and a few months of slightly less heat! 


Community Safety

Mon Jul 22, 2024

In this episode, we talk with Sheriff Blackman about community safety and crime prevention.

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