A Nation of Inflation

Raise your hand if you are feeling the burn of inflation deep in your now empty pockets.


It seems like everywhere I go these days, I am noticing the prices slowly creeping up. When The gas prices rose signifgantly we all gasped in shock. Now, the gas prices are coming back down to what is still an overly inflated price and we are realizing that's not the only price that's on the rise. 


Last week we asked our readers to submit items they have recently notice increasing in price. Here are a few items you all submitted to us:


The dollar store - submitted by K.L.


- True it is now $1.25 and although still increadibly cheap it somehow pains us to see in the increase. 


A pound of Turkey for $14.00 - Submitted by T.J.

- I don't know what it was before but yeah I'm with you that seems pretty expensive. 


My favorite Restaurant - J.J

I don't know what restaurant that is but yep mine increased their prices too. 


A bag of Coffee - Submitted by K.L


- Tell me about it, we make coffee at home to save money not to spend just as much as it would cost to have someone so wonderfully make it for us. 


Used Cars - R.H.


- When used cars are going for as much as new cars you know we're in trouble. 


Clothing - A. S.


- For those of us that love buying new clothes this spike can be tough, we might just have to wear the same thing thrice! That's once more than twice which is two times too many for a shopaholic. 


Those are just a few of the many increases. The question probably shouldn't have been what has gone up in price but rather what hasn't.

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